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Rob Smitha CV

Rob Smitha is a web applications developer in Tallahassee, Florida. Rob has developed a variety of application interfaces and works as a web developer at prominent company called Brandt Information Services. At Brandt, Rob is a key contributor to the user interface design of large scale projects used by millions of customers both commercial and recreational.


TaskTracker is a project management service for software development teams. The TaskTracker website allows users to create development teams and projects under each team. Users can update their assigned tasks with comments and mark tasks as complete.

Clarity1st Consulting

Clarity1st is a governmental lobbying and business consulting firm comprised of seasoned public advocates and expert consulting professionals. The firm proudly represents established companies on the political stage and implements a business strategy to suit their organizational needs. The top consultants at Clarity1st have dealt in wide range of business and political situations effecting organizations of all types. Clarity1st has the experience and the political insight to achieve results in the areas influencing your organizations development.

Pfeiffer Law Group

Bill Pfeiffer is a highly experienced attorney, governmental consultant and business owner with strong record of achievement in the Judicial, Legislative and Executive branches of Florida government as well as private business. As a former Executive Director of the Florida Senate, former Assistant Secretary of State and former Administrative Law Judge, Bill has an excellent record of solving high-level, complex business, legal, legislative and regulatory issues and maintains trusted relationships with key decision-makers at many levels of Florida government.

Top Crypto Picks

Top Crypto Picks is a data driven website to keep up with the latest crypto currency stocks.

Yia Yia’s Greek Express

The family-owned Greek restaurant Yia Yia's Greek Express opened in May 2016 and serves authentic Greek food from recipes that have been passed down in the family for generations.